Vehicle Rollaways – The Unspoken Danger

What Are Rollaways?

What Are Rollaways?

Put simply, vehicle rollaways are events when the driver is not in the vehicle and the brakes are not

applied, meaning the vehicle is able to move away, gain speed and cause incalculable damage – to other vehicles, buildings, cause injury or even fatal accidents.

Why Do They Happen?

Why Do They Happen?

Unfortunately, forgetting to apply the handbrake is a terrifyingly easy mistake to make when exiting a

vehicle with so many system checks already required. Add to this the risk of rollaway when the driver uncouples the brake line and risk of this happening is much higher than anyone imagines.

Why Don’t I Know More About It?

Why Don’t I Know More About It?

Unlike accidents that involve vulnerable road users, many rollaways take place in fleet depots

– and then are not discussed outside of the business. Through customer research, we’ve found a high majority of UK businesses with fleets of vehicles to have suffered from some form of runaway.

This Is BrakeSafe

What Is It?

In-house Technical Team

Developed by our in-house technical team, BrakeSafe will automatically apply the vehicle handbrake if a driver forgets to when

leaving the vehicle. It also applies the handbrake if the air pressure drops within the brake line to prevent runaway.

How Does It Work?

Automatic Failsafe System

As an automatic failsafe system BrakeSafe looks for a combination of events including seat pressure, door position, engine state

and whether the brake is engaged. If these signals are all active and the brakes are released BrakeSafe will instantly apply the handbrake and caution the driver by audible warning.

Will It Work For Me?

Hydraulic Braking

We’ve built the system to be compatible with all makes and models of vehicle with hydraulic braking. This system is also

compatible for both new or retrofit installs – and is a simple install for any vehicle engineer.

BrakeSafe System Features

Case Studies

The demand for BrakeSafe has been phenomenal with interest from businesses operating in freight, road transport, construction and the bus & coach

Watch Videos About Brakesafe

We’ve uploaded videos of BrakeSafe working on a wide range of vehicles that you can watch below. You can also download our brochures and promotional guides below too.

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